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My story

Welcome, dear reader, to my newly hatched blog.

Here I will share my knowledge and experience on topics of Fertility Awareness, holistic reproductive health, and generally everything related to living with a menstrual cycle (or just in a body!). To start with I am want to tell a little bit of my story.

I have a clear memory of exactly when my interest for the female body started. It was during my early teens in science-ed class, where the teacher was showing a movie about the female reproductive system. I remember a picture of the fimbriae (the fringed ends of the fallopian tubes, that picks up an ovulated egg from the ovary), and how I thought it looked like something from a magical underwater world. The movie put me in awe - I suddenly had this new knowledge about a beautiful enchanted world that resided inside of me. From that day on, I would never regard my reproductive body in the same way as before, and it was the start of a journey that 15 years later would lead me to become a certified reproductive health coach.

In my late teens I started practicing yoga and meditation. It deepened my relationship to my body further. I payed a lot of attention especially to what it meant living in a female body, and in which ways women's bodies and sexuality had been neglected in the spiritual and cultural context of the last couple of thousands of years.

At that time I was using hormonal contraception (which I had started using at age 15), but with my growing awareness about my body - and also about our environment - I felt more and more that hormonal contraception just wasn't in alignment with how I wanted to treat my body or the Earth. I started looking for alternative contraception. The answer came in 2009 (when I was 22 years old), sitting in a sauna together with a group of women. One woman started telling us that she used observations of her fertile cervical mucus for contraception. She gave me a book title, and I went home and ordered it immediately. The book arrived, I devoured it in a matter of days - and was completely stunned over the fact that something like this existed; and that nobody had told me about it before! I started practicing it immediately, and has kept on ever since.

It turned out that I was not the only one who didn't know that something like this existed. I started to hold a couple of informal free of charge workshops to spread my newfound treasure. The interest was huge! And soon people started to regard me as a resource on the subject of fertility and natural contraception.

After some years of deepening my knowledge about my body, and deepening my relation to my menstrual cycle, I realized that I wanted to go all in for this work. It was then that I found Justisse College International, and I instantly knew that I had found the education that would take me to my goal of becoming a professional Fertility Awareness Educator and menstrual cycle health coach.

Justisse College gave me a three years educational ride that was like no other period of my life. Intense, beautiful, empowering, enormously developing, and full to the edge of knowledge about the female body. Post-graduation, I feel thoroughly blessed of having had the chance to make such a journey.

I have founded Our Fertility as a platform for spreading the knowledge I've acquired to as many people as possible. Fertility Awareness has brought me so much, and I truly believe it to be a tool for women's global empowerment and rising - something that our world is in eager need for.

Thank you for being part of this journey, and I look very much forward to see where it might take us.


Siri Kalla

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