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“I had stopped using the pill a year before, after a 5 and a half year long rocky ride. I have a long, complicated health history, and I really wanted a hormone free alternative, because having a baby now isn’t an option for me. But I had no idea anything like the Justisse Method even existed. My friend introduced me, and now I’m convinced every woman needs to know this. “

— Kari, client

C O M I N G  O F F


B I R T H  C O N T R O L

It is common to experience a lot of side-effects when using hormonal contraception; some being depression, anxiety, acne, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic yeast infections, loss of libido, and blood clots. Sometimes problems remain after discontinuation, and it can take everything from a couple of months to several years for the menstrual cycle to return back to normal. This is since the synthetic hormones in hormonal birth control (estrins and progestins) not are the same substances as the hormones produced by our own bodies (estrogens and progesterone), and they behave very different in contact with the body's cells. Yet they affect all the same systems as our natural hormones - which basically means every system in the body! It is because of this that many of the side effects from hormonal birth contraceptives arise, and that our bodies and menstrual cycles sometimes behave strangely after discontinuing their use.
As a Justisse HRHP, I'm am specially trained to teach women coming off hormonal contraception how to use menstrual cycle charting to recognize and address menstrual cycle irregularities. I also provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle advice to restore hormonal health after synthetic hormone use. By learning to chart your menstrual cycle, you can gain power over your reproductive health and find an effective option to hormonal contraception – both to avoid pregnancy and to treat menstrual cycle ailments.
Are you ready to try it?
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