March 1, 2019

Every day our menstrual cycles are communicating important information about what is going on in our bodies. As discussed in previous blog posts (here and here), this information can be used as a reliable and all-natural method of birth control. But when we truly learn to read our cycles, they can tell us much more than which days we can and can not get pregnant. They can become...

November 26, 2018

Using Fertility Awareness for natural birth control is an amazing and effective option for achieving natural, chemical-free contraception - by learning to read our bodies' signs of fertility and infertility. But to succeed, there are some key rules that we need to follow.

Last month I spoke about why natural birth control actually works. This month, however, we will have a look at...

October 15, 2018

When speaking about Fertility Awareness, I often meet a few common misconceptions - about how the method works and whether or not it is effective for birth control. I therefore decided to gather these "myths" in one neat blog - and debunk them once and for all!

Let's go:

1. It's the same as the rhythm method or a cycle tracking app

The by far most common myth about Fertility Awarene...

September 3, 2018

 I used to have so heavy cramps that I dreaded my menstruation. My monthly bleed meant two days of being bed-bound, in cold-sweating agony - as long as I did not eat several double doses of ibuprofen. Throughout my youth I heard several versions of the statement "That's just how it's like to be a woman". And haven't we all? Isn't it interesting that it is so imprinted in our cult...

June 1, 2018

When I started charting my menstrual cycles 8 years ago, one of the biggest revelations I got was that the "crazy times" that I regularly experienced was quite consistent with my premenstrual period. Further down the road to becoming a Holistic Reproductive Health practitioner another revelation appeared: that such premenstrual problems are not necessarily a natural par...

May 4, 2018

As a Fertility Awareness Educator I am dedicated to providing women (and other menstruators) with high quality information about the menstrual cycle and reproductive health - so that they can become body literate, and use their knowledge when making whatever reproductive choices they might want to make.

Many women I meet at my clinic are suffering from or have suffered side effect...

April 4, 2018

For the last couple of weeks the fertility tracking app Natural Cycles has been in the lime light, with claims that many women using the app for contraception has instead ended up pregnant.

Natural Cycles is an application where women every day measure and chart their body temperature. Based on data from previous cycle the app will then calculate the likelihood of the woman becomi...

March 21, 2018

Welcome, dear reader, to my newly hatched blog.

Here I will share my knowledge and experience on topics of Fertility Awareness, holistic reproductive health, and generally everything related to living with a menstrual cycle (or just in a body!). To start with I am want to tell a little bit of my story.

I have a clear memory of exactly when my interest for the female body started. I...

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