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Best Ever Gluten-Free Sourdough Bread

Upon request, I'm sharing my recipe for buckwheat sourdough bread!

I've had guests state that it's the best gluten-free bread they've had - and frankly, I can only agree... Also, it is as gut-friendly as a grain-based bread can get, and packed with nutrition!

There are benefits to not eating too much gluten also when you do not have celiac disease. Gluten is irritating to the gut lining, and many people have developed immunological intolerance to the gluten protein. However, most of the standard gluten-free products on the market are not much better, containing ingredients like tapioca, corn and rice flour. These flours are high in starches and low in nutrients, and eating the wrong kind or too much starches can create IBS symptoms, which in turn fuels systemic inflammation, which will most certainly wreak havoc in the menstrual cycle.

Buckwheat is one of the grains that are most easy to digest. In fact, it's not even a grain but a so-called "pseudo-grain", and it's naturally gluten-free. The sourdough fermentation helps to break down the starches, making it even easier to digest. Also, buckwheat is packed with magnesium, zinc, and B-vitamins! Which anyone who has worked with me will know are important nutrients for menstrual cycle health.

Personally, I have a quite sensitive gut, and I experience that I can eat this bread daily without any problem! And my body loves it.

So, here's the recipe:


  • 1 dl potent buckwheat sourdough starter (don't know how to make and maintain sourdough starter? Just Google it - and exchange the gluten flour for buckwheat flour. If you or your intended guests do not have celiac disease or immunologic gluten intolerance, you can also convert a regular sourdough starter to feed on buckwheat)

  • 350 g buckwheat fleur

  • 9 g salt

  • 60 g raisins

  • 5g caraway seeds

  • 20g chia seeds

  • 325 g water


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl. Put a lid or plate on it and let the dough sit for approximately 8- 10h (I usually let it sit overnight) in a warm place (next to a radiator is perfect).

  2. After 8-10 h put the oven en 250°C and let it heat up.

  3. Transfer the dough to a loaf pan (the one I use holds 2 liter, but I think 1,5 liter would work for this recipe as well).

  4. When the oven is properly heated, put the pan in the middle of the oven.

  5. Bake the bread at 250°C for 10 minutes.

  6. Lower the heat to 200°C and let bake for 50 more minutes.

  7. Go and do your morning yoga.

  8. When your timer beeps, remove the bread from the pan and let sit for a while before enjoying your breakfast.

I hope you will enjoy it! Let me know in the comments how it turned out.


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