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Birth Control

The Justisse Method can be used as an effective all-natural method of birth control. By charting our bodies own signs of fertility and infertility, and avoiding unprotected intercourse for approximately 5 fertile days each menstrual cycle, we achieve a method of birth control that is 99,6% effective when taught by a certified educator and practiced correctly. (Read More)


In our consultations we use your menstrual cycle chart as an effective tool to get to the root cause of fertility issues, along with natural interventions to support your body and improve fertility. The Justisse Method is also a powerful tool to understand one's fertility, and learning to time intercourse correctly in order to achieve pregnancy. (Read More)

Coming Off
Hormonal Contraception

The synthetic hormones in hormonal contraceptives can create many unwanted side-effects, and some of them can remain also after discontinuation. As a Justisse HRHP I am specifically trained in working with clients coming off hormonal contraception, teaching menstrual cycle charting as a tool to get on top of menstrual cycle irregularities, and helping you find natural solutions to restore the body's hormonal balance. (Read More)

Balance Your Cycle

The unfolding of the menstrual cycle is a direct mirror of our whole body health. In our consultations you will learn how to use your menstrual cycle chart as a tool for health monitoring, and we will talk about how diet, nutrition and lifestyle affect your menstrual cycle. We address any individual concerns, and if necessary, address specific issues such as PMS, endometriosis, PCOS or heavy periods – through holistic and natural strategies. (Read More)

Become Cycle Savvy

By charting our menstrual cycles we are invited to enter a whole new world of knowledge about our bodies and ourselves. Our consultations will provide you with tools to explore yourself and your relationship to your body and menstrual cycle. I am dedicated to acting as a guide towards your empowerment and deep body-knowledge. (Read More)

Natural Birth Control
Becoming Pregnant
Hromonal Contraception
Balaceyour cyle
Cycle Savvy
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