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Did you know that there exist a highly effective natural option to hormonal contraception? It is called the sympto-thermal method of Fertility Awareness, and it is 99.6% effective when taught by a certified educator and practiced correctly (that is pretty much the same effectivity rate as the contraceptive pill).
By charting our body’s own signs of fertility and infertility, we can avoid unprotected intercourse for the approximately 5 days we are fertile each menstrual cycle. The most important sign of fertility is the presence or absence of fertile cervical mucus, which is secreted for a couple of days before ovulation. Sperm is completely dependent on cervical mucus to be able to survive and achieve fertilization. No mucus – no babies! A study by WHO shows that 93% of women are able to easily recognize the presence or absence of cervical mucus correctly after receiving instructions from an educator.
In the sympto-thermal method of Fertility Awareness, cervical mucus observations  combined with basal body temperature readings and/or observations of cervical position,  effectively pinpoint the fertile days of the cycle. This provides a highly secure method of birth control.
Are you ready to embrace a whole new way of relating to your body and sexual experience?

“My boyfriend LOVES that I'm using the Justisse method - he even brags about it! Both of us relaxes more in our sex life and he now trust completely that I'm in «control» of my cycle and knows when I'm fertile or not. Also, I prepare him when I go into my PMS week, since I struggle with that and it makes everything more smooth and we don’t take emotions that comes up so personally anymore, or turn them into fights or dramas.“

— Maria, client

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