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“I received much more than what I expected. Today I know how my body works and how to read its signs of fertility. I trust in my ability to naturally control pregnancy. And most importantly, I feel empowered as a woman - I'm connected with my body in ways I never was before. The only thing I regret is that I didn't start this work earlier.“

— Roberta, client

M o d e r n,
E f f e c t i v e  &  N a t u r a l

B i r t h C o n t r o l

Did you know that there exist a highly effective natural option to hormonal contraception? It is called sympto-thermal methods of Fertility Awareness, and can be 99.6% effective when taught by a certified educator and practiced correctly (that is pretty much the same effectivity rate as the contraceptive pill).
How does it work?
By charting our body’s own signs of fertility and infertility, we can avoid unprotected intercourse for the approximately 5 days we are fertile each menstrual cycle.
The most important sign of fertility that we chart is the presence or absence of fertile cervical mucus, which is secreted for a couple of days before ovulation. Sperm are completely dependent on cervical mucus to be able to survive and achieve fertilization.
The second most important sign we chart is Basal Body Temperature (BBT). The BBT can help us confirm that ovulation has happened - and therefore confirm that it is impossible to have another ovulation until we’ve had a menstruation.
Some women also chart additional menstrual cycle parameters; like cervical position and texture, ovulation pain and/or mood changes.

Does it really work?
Sympto-thermal methods of Fertility Awareness are often confused with the so called Rhythm Method (ie. counting days) - leading to some concerns about efficiency. The Rhythm Method is not a safe method of contraception, since the menstrual cycle is dynamic and can vary in length - ovulation can come both earlier and later than what we are used to.

However, the sympto-thermal methods are based exclusively on real-time observations of what is happening in the body at this very moment - it does not include any calculations. This creates a much more effective method of birth control - and in addition, you do not have to have a regular cycle in order to use it.

Sympto-thermal methods are actually as effective as the contraceptive pill for avoiding pregnancy, as described here by FACTS:
”If a couple uses the Sympto-Thermal Method perfectly, it is 99.4-99.6% effective in avoiding pregnancy (98-99% effective with typical use). That is, with typical use of the method over one year, less than 2 pregnancies occur per 100 women. This is as good as long acting hormonal contraceptives (IUDs, Depo-Provera injections) and better than the pill or condoms. To use STM correctly, couples need to learn from trained instructors and be sure to follow all of the simple instructions.”

The Justisse method, of which I am a teacher, is one of several related sympto-thermal methods. It stands out from other Fertility Awareness Methods in it’s detailed standardized way to monitor cervical mucus, and in the rigorous training of practitioners. Justisse has the same technique for monitoring mucus as the Creighton Method - but has added temperature measurements, making it into an even more effective method, closer in proximity to Sensiplan in it’s effectiveness. The Justisse Method has a Pearl Index of 2-5 with typical use, and 0,6-0,4 with perfect use. This stands up well to for example the efficiency of birth control pills, that has Pearl Index 9 for typical use and 0,3 for perfect use.
In addition to it’s efficiency, the Justisse Method is secular and built on feminist values. It puts women’s right to body literacy, informed consent, body agency and comprehensive holistic health education at the center.

To learn more about how the process of learning natural birth control looks like, go to my Fertility Awareness course.

Are you ready to embrace a whole new way of relating to your body and sexual experience?
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