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"Siri is lovely and very knowledgeable. Going to her and learning about fertility awareness and the Justisse Method has helped med heal my hormonal imbalance and ease my PMS symptoms, as well as reconnect with my menstrual cycle and body in general."

— Wanda, client


Y O U R  C Y C L E

When we chart our menstrual cycle with the sympto-thermal method of Fertility Awareness, we get a direct mirror of what is going on hormonally in our bodies. During our meetings you will learn to decode these messages, and learn how to naturally balance your hormones.
Menstrual cycle problems like PMS, irregular cycles, menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding are all signs of underlying imbalances in our whole-body health. Using diet, lifestyle, stress management, nutritional supplementation and other natural interventions, we can work to resolve such situations and help the body retain it's optimum health. This is true even with more complex reproductive situations like endometriosis and PCOS.
Since every person has their individual biochemistry and different roads leading up to where they are now, the path towards healing will also look different from individual to individual. With your menstrual cycle chart and health history to help us navigate, we create an individualized healthcare plan based on Your situation and needs.
Sometimes healing is a long road, and it is my role as an HRHP to hold your back and sometimes your hand while walking it. I will help you to create a plan of action, coordinate a team of healthcare providers, and make sure that you always are well informed about all your healthcare options – both conventional and holistic. My aim is to support you on Your road to health in body and mind.
Does this sound like an approach to healing you want to try?
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