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Reproductive Health Consult, first time

1 hour consultation + 1-2 hours preparations by consultant

  • 1
  • 2 900 norske kroner
  • Zoom


Counseling on topics of birth control, holistic menstrual cycle health, fertility and menstrual cycle awareness. To learn Fertility Awareness for birth control or in-depth health management - please see my Fertility Awareness Course: At the first time consultation, you also pay for the time I have spent reviewing your health history before the meeting, which usually means one hours preparatory work. This is why the first time consult is slightly more expensive than the follow up consultations. Please note that in order for this consultation to be truly beneficial, I will need a minimum of 3 business days to go trough your health information - I therefore recommend that you do not book this appointment less than a week ahead, to secure that you have time to fill out my provided health schedule and provide additional health history in good time. This consultation is held on Zoom. For in-person counseling in Oslo, see “Konsultasjoner i Oslo”.


Cancellation of an appointment should happen a minimum of 24 h before the appointment. In case of cancellation with less then 24 h notice or in case of missed appointment, the agreed fee will be charged – with the exception of emergencies.



HumaNova, Balders gate, Oslo, Norway

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