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Mentorship: Follow-Up Session

Follow-up sessions for participants in the mentorship program

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This consultation is for perticipants in the mentorship program. In the Follow-Up Sessions, we dive deeper into your individual menstrual cycle. We work pedagogically to ensure you have understood and practices the Justisse method correctly, in order for you to achieve maximum efficiency in your intention with the use of the method. With the menstrual cycle chart as our tool, we individualize the sessions to give you all the knowledge and support you need on the topics that are relevant for You. This is a time for self-care – where You, your intention and your body and wellbeing is our main focus. Partners are very welcome to attend the follow-up sessions. Note that you should have watched the introductory movies about how the body and the Justisse Method works before starting taking follow-up sessions, as long as nothing else has been agreed upon This consultation is held on Zoom. For in-person follow-up sessions in Oslo, see “Konsultasjoner i Oslo”. This consultation can only be booked by participants in the Fertility Awareness course - go to for more information


Cancellation of an appointment should happen a minimum of 24 h before the appointment. In case of cancellation with less then 24 h notice or in case of missed appointment, the agreed fee will be charged – with the exception of emergencies.



HumaNova, Balders gate, Oslo, Norway

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