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Learn Fertility Awareness

The Fertility Awareness one-on-one mentorship is our most comprehensive offering. It is for you who want to make a real deep dive into your fertility, reproductive health and menstrual cycle - and gain a true understanding of yourself and your body. It is also for you who want to learn safe natural birth control, since this is the only format in which I teach that.

Through the mentorship, you will learn to recognize your body's signs of fertility and infertility, and to chart them using the Justisse Method. You will learn the skill of, at any given moment, knowing exactly where you're at in your cycle, and what is going on in your body. You will then learn to use the menstrual cycle chart for effective natural birth control, pregnancy achievement, menstrual cycle health management, and/or as a tool for deepened self-understanding. The mentorship will be tailored to your needs and intention, and the content is completely individualized.

The mentorship contains:

  • 2 introductory movies of 1,5 hours each (available in English, Swedish and Norwegian)

  • 6 individual follow-up sessions of 1 hour each (either on Zoom, or at my clinic in Oslo)

  • 6 months free subscription to the Moon Lodge at the Body Literacy Kin community platform. Here you can meet other participants in the Fertility Awareness course, and participate in a monthly sharing circle. You also have access to the other offers on the platform - including live calls and exclusive content. Participation in the sharing circle and community platform is completely optional.

  • 1-2 hours used by the Siri outside of the consultations to go through your health history and whole-body symptoms, based on the information you provide in an in-depth health form

  • The Justisse Method guidebook

  • A thermometer suitable for measuring Basal Body Temperature

  • Paper charts

  • 3 months subscription to the Read Your Body charting app

  • Full training in the Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness

  • In-depth holistic reproductive health management

  • In-depth body literacy training

The mentorship takes approximately 6 months to complete - but the pace is determined by your individual needs and wishes.

The price for the course is 7.500 NOK

The payment can be divided over up to 6 months, without any extra charge.

After the mentorship is finished, you have a special price of 850 NOK/hour for further consultations.

Are you ready to jump on board?

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