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lør. 18. jan.


Norsk Taiji Senter

A Seasonal Journey Through the Menstrual Cycle: Workshop Series

Join us for a one year journey through the menstrual cycle.

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A Seasonal Journey Through the Menstrual Cycle: Workshop Series
A Seasonal Journey Through the Menstrual Cycle: Workshop Series

Time & Place

18. jan. 2020, 10:00 – 26. sep. 2020, 17:00

Norsk Taiji Senter, Kirkegata 1, 0153 Oslo, Norway


About the event

Living with a female body, we have the cycles of Nature ingrained in our very being. We move through a cycle that is strikingly similar to the seasonal cycle in the outside Nature, on a more or less monthly basis. From the winter of menstruation, to the spring of the pre-ovulatory phase, to summer at ovulation, and returning back towards winter through the autumn of the premenstrual phase. Through getting to know these cycles, we can get to know both ourselves and Nature deeply. In this workshop series we will go on an immersive exploration journey into both the physiology of the female body, and our psycho-spiritual-emotional relationship to the cyclical movement - in our bodies and in the rest of Nature. Combining down to earth teachings on menstrual cycle health, with more intuitive explorations of our deeper selves.

Siri M. Kalla has been studying the menstrual cycle for the decade, a journey that started when she begun to practice natural birth control in her early twenties. She is a certified Fertility Awareness educator and holistic menstrual cycle health coach. Through this one-year seasonal journey she will share her gathered knowledge and experiences, in an easily accessible and participatory manner.

Through this year long workshop journey, we will look at each part of the cycle in the corresponding part of the year:

• January 18: Winter and Menstruation: In this workshop we will dwell  deep into rest and meditation - explore how we can let go into the warm  embrace of the winter darkness, and receive its gifts. And likewise,  how our bleeding days can be a gateway into deeper contact with  ourselves. In our exploration of menstrual cycle health we will look  into possible root causes for menstrual pain and heavy bleedings. We  will also explore about our cultural and personal relationship to  menstruation.

• Mars 28: Spring and Growing a Healthy Cycle: In  this part of the series we will explore the sprouting and budding  energy of spring. How can we take this energy and direct it in the  directions of our deepest vision, and plant the seeds of our dreams? In  our exploration of menstrual cycle health we will look into possible  root causes to irregular cycles, PCOS, and other situations where our  power of growth and fertility is inhibited. 

• June 6: Summer and Ovulation: Our  energy is in full bloom - in this part of the cycle we have the power  to Manifest! We will explore our relationship to our power, energy,  sexuality, and radiance - the forces we all have embedded, that allows  us to manifest our visions and dreams. In our exploration of menstrual  cycle health we will learn about how different birth control methods  work, how we can learn to read our bodies signs of fertility, and speak  about our personal experiences with birth control.

• September 26: Autumn and the Premenstrual Phase: The  wheel is turning, and we are again starting to move our gaze inwards.  Autumn and the premenstrual phase is the time of letting go - of  harvesting, and preparing to shed our leaves, so that which do not serve  us anymore can become healthy compost for new growth. We will explore  our relationship to realising what do not serve us, what needs to be  left behind, and the fine art of Letting Go. In our exploration of  menstrual cycle health we will look into problems in the premenstrual  phase; which include both emotional, mental and physical symptoms of PMS  - and how low progesterone can cause problems with fertility.

Every part will contain a review of what is happening in the body in that specific part of the cycle, and teachings about how we can take the best care of our menstrual bodies in this inner season - woven together with practices that let us explore our relationship to our cycles and bodies, tune in to the energy of the season, and in a safe space share our explorations with others. The purpose is for you to gain a deep and intimate knowledge of your own body and self, and a deeper relationship to Nature and her cycles. By getting to know our own cycles and the cycles of nature, we can integrate a wisdom that allows us to flow more smoothly through the cyclic shifting energies - both on a strictly physiological lever, and on a more psycho-spiritual-emotional level. A process that will give us more energy and flow in our lives. Teachings will include: 

• Becoming deeply familiar with what is happening in our bodies each cycle. 

• Learning the basics of natural birth control. 

• Understanding how all different methods of birth control works. 

• Getting a firm understanding of the root causes behind menstrual cycle problems like menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding, PMS, irregular cycles, PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, and more. There will also be space for asking questions about one’s own menstrual health problems. 

• Exploring how we can become more in tune with the energetic ebb and flow of the menstrual cycle. 

• Exploring our relationship to the seasonal cycle and the moon cycle - and how it relates to the menstrual cycle. 

• Participatory explorations of our relationship to our bodies, 

• Meditations and exercises that helps us get deeper in touch with ourselves, our bodies, and the cycles of nature.

ABOUT SIRI: Siri M. Kalla is a certified Fertility Awareness Educator and coach in holistic hormonal health. She has a deep dedication to teaching about how we can live in harmony with our menstrual cycle, and treat our menstrual bodies with nurturing love and respect. Her interested for the menstrual cycle began in 2009, when she begun to explore her own relationship to her cyclic body through the discovery of natural birth control. Since then she has been dedicated to deepening her understanding about the female body. Siri is a trained Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner through Justisse College International in Canada, and a certified Fertility Awareness Educator through Association for Fertility Awareness Practitioners. Her training has given her substantial knowledge in holistic physiology, endocrinology, nutrition and menstrual cycle charting. In her practice she is working to support women in finding back to a loving and nurturing relationship to themselves and their bodies, and her experience is that our relationship to our menstrual cycle plays a key role in our relationship to ourselves. She has founded Our Fertility as a platform for this work - a place to a place to meet, develop skills, build knowledge and find information and inspiration about Fertility Awareness and holistic reproductive health. In addition to her work with Fertility Awareness, she is a practitioner of nature based spirituality. She has 17 years of experience from a dedicated personal practice, is trained in energetic work, and is co-facilitating ceremonies and retreats for women. In her work she is aiming to over-bridge the gap between spirituality and science; with the firm belief that this is what a new paradigm of health care will be built from. Siri is also active in the permaculture and environmental movement, and experience her work with women’s health as deeply intertwined with her work for a healthier planet. Learn more about Siri and Fertility Awareness at

PRACTICAL INFORMATION: All the workshops take place from 10:00-17:00, with an hours lunch brake.

The workshop is suitable for anyone who have or has once had a menstrual cycle. There is no requirement for previous knowledge of how the body works - teachings will be given at a level that is suitable for everyone. Everyone who has a menstrual cycle is warmly welcome to attend the workshops - regardless of gender identity.

LOCATION: Norsk Taiji Senter is an oasis in the midst of central Oslo. It is a home both to dedicated taiji practitioners, and to the deep ecology movement in Oslo. The founder Pamela Hiley has created a beautiful space; where the energy is held, clear and grounded. It is very easy to get here by public transportation (walking distance from Oslo S), and it has a variety of good close-by options for having a delicious lunch during the lunch brake.

INVESTMENT: The workshop series can either be bought and attended as a whole, or you can attend the different parts separately. There is a very limited amount of spaces at the workshops, so make sure to register in good time.

• Full series, early bird:  4000 nok - until November 30th 

• Full series, regular; 4400 nok 

• Single workshop: 1200 nok (there will be created separate events and separate registration links for all of the 4 parts - stay tuned) A payment plan can be set up on request.

Warmly welcome to this immersion in the wisdom of our bodies. I am looking much forward to seeing you there and go on this exploratory journey together!

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