The Justisse Method User's Guide is a primer for body literacy, and a guide for instructing women how to observe, chart and interpret their menstrual cycle events. The Justisse Method (JM) is a highly effective secular method for fertility awareness. The information contained in this guide may be used for 1) body literacy, 2) birth control, 3) pregnancy achievement, or 4) monitoring menstrual cycle health and well-being. What makes the Justisse Method unique and effective is its systematized methodology, which this guide describes in a clear and concise manner, making it is useful for women regardless of their menstrual cycle health or history.

Geraldine Matus' more than thirty years of experience in the field of fertility awareness and body literacy education shows through in this book's simple, elegant and effective transmission of a method that has proved over the years to be effective and accessible. The original version of the Justisse Method User's Guide was published in 1989 and a 2nd edition was published 2009. Since the first edition tens of thousands of copies have been sold and distributed to libraries, birth control centers, and women's health focused centres.


The Justisse Method Guidebook outlines the use of the Justisse Method. It is best used as a compliment to personal instruction. It has a handy coil binding, high quality paper, and full colour print

Justisse Method Guide Book


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