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tor. 13. juni


Finnskogen Retreat

Women's Retreat

A three days retreat in the heart of the Norwegian forest -where three teachers have come together to create a unique experience focused on wholeness, cyclic living, connection with nature and integration of the sacredness of the feminine body.

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Women's Retreat
Women's Retreat

Time & Place

13. juni 2019, 12:00 – 16. juni 2019, 16:00

Finnskogen Retreat, Finnskogvegen, 2260 Kirkenær, Norway

About the event

Welcome, dear sisters

To a three days retreat in the heart of the Norwegian forest.

Three teachers have come together to create a unique experience focused on wholeness, cyclic living, connection with nature and integration of the sacredness of the feminine body.

Together we will journey into sisterhood, empowerment, healing, celebration, and deep nurturing. With Mother Earth as our ally, we will co-create an experience that support our returning back to what we were always meant to be: strong, soft, deep and radiant women - forces of the Earth. Deeply rooted in our own hearts, and in the heart of Nature.

The retreat will be a meeting place, a safe haven for any woman who feels she wants to explore and deepen her relationship to her own body, nature and sisterhood.

You will be taken through a soft, powerful and transformative journey, and offered tools in self love, sacred practice and conscious movement - that you can take with you and integrate at home.

Taking place in the midst of the beautiful Norwegian forest with the intention to help you disconnect from the buzzing everyday life and connect deeper to Nature.

The retreat will integrate:

• Cacao ceremonies

• Guided conscious dance and movement

• Teachings and exploration of cyclic living

• Feminine yoga

• Teachings about Fertility Awareness, natural birth control and holistic menstrual cycle health

• Meditation and Yoga Nidra

• Healing ceremonies

• Mantra song

• Wholesome, organic and delicious food

• Opportunities to connect with Nature in stillness


About the teachers:

MyMaria Skarp is a lover of Life, and some of her biggest passions are creating links and establishing connection between people, their hearts and Nature. To help build bridges between the body, mind and heart through awareness, conscious movement and authentic encounters.

Since 2016 she has been holding regular public Cacao Ceremonies, Cacao Dance parties and Women's Circles in Oslo - and is occasionally invited to bring the Cacao and her warm way of holding space to new places. She is the founder of Remembrance Cacao, which acts as the channel for this ceremonial work.

Her first meeting with the Cacao was 2012 in Guatemala, at a Cacao Ceremony with Keith, known as "the chocolate shaman”. This experience opened up a new door in her heart and lead her onto a mystical and more integrated path in life. She has worked intimately with this medicine plant ever since, both in her own meditation practice, and with others in different ways. My is educated at the Biodanza School of Norway, and follows the biocentric principle: putting Life in the center. This characterizes the Ceremonies and everything she does. With a background as a coach, she likes to use questions to help the participants get in touch with their intuitive answers and innate wisdom.

Siri M. Kalla is a certified Fertility Awareness Educator and coach in holistic hormonal health. She has a deep dedication to teaching about how we can live in harmony with our menstrual cycle, and treat our menstrual bodies with nurturing love and respect.

Her interested for the menstrual cycle began in 2009, when she begun to explore her own relationship to her cyclic body through the discovery of natural birth control. Since then she has been dedicated to deepening her understanding about the female body.

Siri is a trained Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner through Justisse College International in Canada, and a certified Fertility Awareness Educator through Association for Fertility Awareness Practitioners. Her training has given her substantial knowledge in holistic physiology, endocrinology, nutrition and menstrual cycle charting. In her practice she is working to support women in finding back to a loving and nurturing relationship to themselves and their bodies, and her experience is that our relationship to our menstrual cycle plays a key role in our relationship to ourselves. She has founded Our Fertility as a platform for this work - a place to a place to meet, develop skills, build knowledge and find information and inspiration about Fertility Awareness and holistic reproductive health.

In addition to her work with Fertility Awareness, she is a practitioner of nature based spirituality. She has 17 years of experience from a dedicated personal practice, is trained in hands-on healing, and is co-facilitating Women’s Cacao Ceremonies together with My Maria, under the name Wisewoman Tales. Siri is also active in the permaculture and environmental movement, and experience her work with women’s health and nature based spirituality as deeply intertwined with her work for a healthier planet.

Learn more about Siri and Fertility Awareness at

Marthe Fjellberg Magerøy is a yoga teacher and therapist, with more than ten years of experience in the yoga field. She has studied with many different teachers within various lineages all over the world. Marthe practiced yoga throughout her six year long study of psychology, and then in 2012 eventually decided to move completely into the yoga field, as it felt like a more profound way of understanding her own mind and the human experience as a whole - realizing that to heal we need to approach all the layers of the human being, and that these layers constantly affect one another, making it more meaningful to work with all of them and not just one.

She took her first Yoga education on Maui, Hawaii, learning the foundations of the physical and energetic aspects of the practice. However, she continued to study ever since, always on a quest for deeper meaning and truth within the yoga systems. She has studied Yoga Therapy, Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga, Vipassana meditation, philosophy and sanskrit chanting. She now uses a little bit of what she has learned in all the different studies in an eclectic format. Her classes are mostly “flowy”, but slow and sweet, and most importantly a space that accommodates deep listening to the subtle wisdom that lies within each individual.

In the last few years Marthe has become more and more fascinated with yoga and health practices for the female body and soul. She started realizing how so many of the yoga practices we know of in the west today are made by men for men. The feminine way of practicing yoga is often radically different, and very rarely taught at a typical western yoga studio. This was like a new world opening up, and her practice changed accordingly. One of her main passions right now is spreading feminine yoga and health focus: How we can use the yoga practice as a tool for connecting with our cycles and our wombs, and in this way our great Mother Earth. “To heal the earth we need to heal our womb connections.”


About the location:

Finnskogen Retreat is a meeting place for all kinds of people. A rehabilitation farm, and a learning place that offers meditation, yoga, silence, nature and awareness-raising workshops in a safe and supportive community. The retreat is open to all who want a different vacation, feel like spending some time in a natural, rural and simple environment, and want to learn more about meditation, yoga and awareness.

Nature forms a basic starting point for the retreat, and is healing in itself. It invites to activities, walks, observations, learning and contemplation. The retreat area is surrounded by forests, creeks, springs and water, vibrant life and colors. The lake Skasen invites you to bathing, strolling and quiet reflection. The forest is the gateway to the tundra, which stretches for miles eastwards. It has a rich bird- and wildlife.

Finnskogen Retreat is located 1.9 km south-east of Finnskogen Tourist and Wildlife Center, at Skasenden lake in Grue Municipality, Hedmark.


Practical information:

For accommodation we can offer

• A limited amount of single rooms

• Bed in communal bedroom or dormitory

• Tent space for your own tent

The farm is a spartan and unpretentious place in the woods - here you will be close to nature. There are simple facilities for washing and shower, outdoor compost toilets, and solar- and gas powered shower. Houses and cabins with dormitory/common room for accommodation have not included electricity or water. Both parts are available elsewhere at the area.

Three daily meals, and some light snacks between meals, are included in the price. There will be vegan and gluten-free alternatives for every meal. Please let us know if you have any food allergies, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

The retreat wish to support a break from social media and updates. Please be respectful if your phone is required. Power for electrical goods is collected in the dining room, except for community activities and meetings there.

To bring:

- Clothes and shoes suited for the conditions. Loose clothes for yoga and meditation

- Yoga mat if you have one

- Pen and notebook if you wish to make notes of your learning

- Your own toiletries (towel, toothbrush etc)

- Mosquito repellent and tiger balm for mosquito bites may be good to have

- Additional foods according to your needs and preferences



• 5.500 nok for accommodation in single room (very limited amount)

• 5.000 nok for single bed in communal bedroom

• 4.500 nok for accommodation in your own tent

Payment information:

To secure your space please pay 1000 nok as a deposit to this account:

0539 12 56308 or vipps: 45213514 (Marthe Magerøy) and mark the payment with preferred accommodation (i.e. single room, communal room or tent).

The registration is binding except of course for cases of sickness and/or health reasons.

If you have any questions please write us here on this Facebook page.

We look so much forward to spending this magical time with you ❤️

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