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Living With Cycles: From Cosmos to Body - January/February 2021

Welcome to join a three parts online workshop series with Siri Kalla and Florence Devereux.

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Living With Cycles: From Cosmos to Body - January/February 2021
Living With Cycles: From Cosmos to Body - January/February 2021

Time & Place

10. jan. 2021, 12:00 GMT – 14. feb. 2021, 16:00 GMT



About the event

Are you someone who menstruates and wants to understand more about this fascinating and sometimes overwhelming phenomenon? Are you captivated by the Moon and feel the historical and intuitive connection humans have to our nearest celestial neighbour? Working with these cycles brings good health, creative flow, and spiritual connection, but the ways of tuning in have been lost - it is time to reclaim the knowledge and practice!

In this month-long online journey, you will be guided by holistic women’s health expert Siri Kalla and astrologer Florence Devereux in practical and embodied ways to live with the menstrual cycle and the Moon cycle. Although this journey will be packed full of useful information, the process's core intention is for each one of us to integrate tangible and real practices that activate our body wisdom. It will also be a place to share and tune into community as we revive the old ways and create a-new! Starting new habits can be hard, doing it with like-minded people can be fun!

What you will learn:

  • Basic menstrual charting through a three-pronged method - emotions, body energy, and physiological signs.
  • The hormonal ins and outs of the menstrual cycle.
  • How to look after your menstrual health.
  • How best to flow with your personal menstrual cycle.
  • If you don’t have a womb, how to tune into the flow in a way that works for you.
  • How to track the Moon/Sun cycle.
  • What the different Moon phases mean and how to work them in embodied ways, so you can make the most of the cosmic energies available.
  • What stage of the Moon cycle you were born in, and what this means for your soul purpose.
  • How to set inner or outer world intentions and manifest in the most supportive way, via the interplay between the Moon/menstrual cycle.

Both Siri and Florence feel that learning to live in tune with the natural cycles of our body and nature is a revolutionary act. Leaning into the nuances of how cycles work in our lived experiences rebels against the rabid materialism which has left our bodies, the earth, and our souls devoid of the juicy goodness that is our birthright. By getting to know these cycles intimately, we can flow more intuitively through life, in unison with the energetic flows of the rest of Nature.

How will we journey together?

  • There will be 8 of us in the group, including your two guides. We like the infinity symbol of 8, tuning us into the ever-flowing nature of cycles.
  • 7-8 hrs of group learning, conversation, and ceremony via Zoom.
  • A private Facebook to share and tune into the community for support with starting new practices.
  • Worksheets to support the new practices.
  • Time spent with your individual astrological chart in the group.

The process is based around an embodied process that works with one Moon Cycle. Coming together will be on these dates:

  • 10th of January 2021, 1-5 pm (London time): We will meet a few days before the New Moon to share knowledge and practices to equip you with all that you need for the month ahead.
  • 13th of January 2021, 7-8 pm (London time): We will have a New Moon ceremony to start the journey of tracking.
  • 14th of February 2021, 1-5 pm (London time): We will meet at the next New Moon to share, integrate, and go deeper into the wisdom of the cycles.

In between, we will be sending videos and supportive material via Facebook. Community is key to this!

About the teachers:

Siri M. Kalla is a certified Fertility Awareness Educator and coach in holistic hormonal health. She has a deep dedication to teaching about how we can live in harmony with our menstrual cycle and treat our menstrual bodies with nurturing love and respect.

Siri is a trained Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner through Justisse College International in Canada, and a certified Fertility Awareness Educator through the Association for Fertility Awareness Practitioners. Her training has given her substantial knowledge in holistic physiology, endocrinology, nutrition, and menstrual cycle charting. She also has a decade of experience from working with her own cycle.

In her practice, she is working to support women in finding back to a loving and nurturing relationship with themselves and their bodies, and her experience is that our relationship to our menstrual cycle plays a key role in our relationship to ourselves. She has founded Our Fertility as a platform for this work - a place to a place to meet, develop skills, build knowledge, and find information and inspiration about Fertility Awareness and holistic reproductive health.

In addition to her work with Fertility Awareness, she is a practitioner of nature-based spirituality. She has 17 years of experience from a dedicated personal practice, is trained in energetic work, and is co-facilitating ceremonies and retreats for women. Siri is also active in the permaculture and environmental movement and experiences her work with women’s health as deeply intertwined with her work for a healthier planet.

Learn more about Siri and Fertility Awareness at

Florence Devereux is an astrologer, artist, and curator. Astrology found her when she was 17 years old, through a great artist and friend, Carmen Galofrè, who later became her mentor. Astrology is an ancient and effective tool to gain self-awareness. Through its symbology, we can tune into our unconscious patterns and potentials and mend our relationship with ourselves, and create a healthy foundation from which to contribute to the evolution of consciousness. She committed herself to the astrological path and has been mentored by fantastic teachers such as Carmen Galofrè, Gemini Brett, Erol Weizner, the Faculty for Astrological Studies, and more. Florence has been working one-to-one with clients for 5 years and teaching for 3. She integrates her foundation in Jungian theory, esoteric and psychological astrology, and practices that she has learned from wisdom keepers through her time spent at Schumacher College in Devon.

Practical information:

Your investment for participation in the full workshop series is £130. To sign up, use the form and online payment system below.

Note that there is a very limited amount of spaces for this series since we want to keep the group small and intimate - so make sure to register in good time to secure your spot. All sessions will be held on Zoom - participation links will be sent out before the sessions to the email you registered with.

We are looking so much forward to going on this journey together with you!

Much love,

Siri and Florence


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