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søn. 03. mars


Gamle Oslo

Deep Nourishment

A Full Day Immersion and 3-course Meal

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Deep Nourishment
Deep Nourishment

Time & Place

03. mars 2024, 11:00 – 17:00

Gamle Oslo, Kjølberggata 21, 0653 Oslo, Norway


About the event

What if I told you that being deeply nourished, at every level of your being, is your most natural state of being? It is what you are evolutionarily meant to be, and it is what your human female body is programmed for.

To live in a deeply abundant flow of nourishment for every part of our being—body, heart, mind, and soul—how do we find our way back there? After 2000 years of patriarchal rule, where the female body and feminine soul have been stripped bare of her natural taste for nourishment and pleasure, it can feel like an impossible feat. We have been told to slim down, to eat less, to be less, to not show our desire or experience of pleasure—and this has left us with a deep disconnection from our inherent guidance system towards what nourishes us deeply. But the road back to a deep connection with our bodies and taste for nourishment is there for us to find—the deep, abundant nourishment is there for us in every moment, if we choose to reach out for it.

In this full-day workshop, we will devote ourselves to the healing and replenishing of our bodies through deep nourishment for the body, mind, and soul. Through ceremony, reflection, conversations, practical teachings on food and nutrition, and a delicious and deeply nourishing 3-course meal, you will get a space to explore yourself and your relationship to food and nourishment, in a safe space together with other women and experienced teachers.

If you are feeling a deep longing—coming through you from generations of women—to come back to your most natural and healthy relationship with your body, food, and nourishment, then this workshop is for you, and we warmly welcome you.

The Structure of the Day:

We will begin the day by opening into reflection and connection in a ceremonial space. Here, we will explore our relationship to food and nourishment through meditation, reflection, and sharing.

At about 13:00, we will share an abundant 3-course meal, cooked by Liz. Sharing the meal will be a deeply immersive experience, with sensory practices and space for deep conversations.

After the meal, Siri will share practical teachings about the kind of food, nutrition, and nourishment the female body, menstrual cycle, and fertility really need to thrive—well-grounded in science and her vast experience with women’s health.


• As a part of the opening ceremony, we will serve bone broth with tallow. There will be an optional broth made from mushrooms, vegetables, and herbs for vegans and vegetarians. Myrvann Cocoa will also be served as part of the ceremony.

Starter: Winter tapas platter with roasted pumpkin dip and rosemary/garlic whipped white bean dip with crudités, nuts, and fruit. Served with raw carrot and herb salad.

Main Course: Braised reindeer stew with root vegetables and gremolata.

Served with sourdough baguettes from Ille Brød with cultured flower and herb butter (gluten-free and dairy-free options will be available upon request).

Dessert: Fermented coconut milk panna cotta with rose water and grass-fed gelatin (dairy-free) with an orange compote.

• There will also be nutrient-dense snacks and an assortment of herbal teas available throughout the day.

Note: If you are vegan or vegetarian, you are very welcome, and we will make menu adjustments to support your dietary needs upon request. Please also inform us of any allergies or food sensitivities, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We source meat, dairy, and vegetables from organic sources as much as possible. The seasonal vegetables will be from local biodynamic farms, and the reindeer meat is from a Sami farmer in the North.

About Siri Kalla:

Throughout the years, Siri has guided hundreds of women on their journeys to find a profound connection with their cyclical bodies, menstrual cycles, fertility, and deep health.

Siri harbors a passion for teaching and guiding people to discover the power in understanding their own fertility and menstrual cycles. Her journey began in 2009 when she discovered fertility awareness as a natural form of contraception. With a comprehensive education from Justisse College International, a leading institute in fertility awareness education and holistic reproductive health where she received her education from 2013 to 2017, Siri is a certified Fertility Awareness Instructor and Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner. She possesses an extensive knowledge base in holistic physiology, endocrinology, nutrition, and menstrual cycle charting. Since graduating in 2017, Siri has worked as a full-time coach in fertility awareness and holistic reproductive health.Siri is also a dedicated advocate for increased health and knowledge about the cyclical body at a systemic level, through her position as chairperson for the Scandinavian association, Nordic Union for Fertility Awareness.

With her empathy and understanding of the challenges associated with chronic health issues, Siri can assist her clients in a unique and holistic manner. Through her work with hundreds of clients, she has witnessed significant healings and positive outcomes. Siri also has personal experience in healing from autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, systemic inflammation, C-PTSD, and menstrual disorders. Her own journey has provided her with a deep understanding of what it means to find profound health and wellbeing in both body and mind.

She teaches from her wealth of knowledge in her one-on-one mentorship program, Nourished Cycles, as well as in workshops and public speaking events. You can learn more about Siri and her work at

About Elizabeth Gilman:

Elizabeth Gilman is a wellness chef, intuitive, practitioner, and mentor known for her grounding presence and amazing cooking skills. Her real passion lies in guiding people back home to the innate wisdom of their bodies through a weaving of ancestral wound healing, emotion code activations, intuitive readings, sound healing, and nutritional coaching. Elizabeth's approach is deeply infused with her love for deep nourishment and a life filled with joy, which permeates every aspect of her work.

Growing up in Palo Alto, California, Elizabeth embarked on her holistic wellness journey in 2008, initially serving as a private chef and caterer for an impressive roster of celebrities and political figures. Her career took a pivotal turn in 2016, transitioning to energy healing and nutrition after years of working as Michael Jordan's personal chef. Elizabeth's culinary path, marked by her role in nourishing figures such as Bobby Kennedy Jr., Bill Clinton, Will Smith, Dr. Oz, and Dr. Mark Hyman, reflects her vast experience and openness to expansive experiences. 

Elizabeth's profound connection to food and wellness emerged early in her life, shaping her into the wellness chef she is today. Her journey through the demanding culinary industry led to a period of introspection, culminating in a holistic approach that integrates the mind, body, and spirit. This shift was significantly influenced by her experience with Michael Jordan, who taught her the value of observation and dedication to our individual truth and power - a lesson that deeply resonated with her spirited nature. 

Now residing in Norway, Elizabeth has embraced her role as an outsider to immerse herself in the country's wellness and holistic traditions. fascinated by Norway's eagerness to learn and evolve, she finds joy in rediscovering and revitalizing the cultures ancient practices. As a mother to two boys and a Magdalene Priestess, Elizabeth also dedicates herself to holding ceremonies in Oslo, further enriching her communy's spiritual and physical wellbeing. 

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