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Be In Tune With

Y o u r C y c l e

In our present society, the menstrual cycle is often regarded as a nuisance, or even something inherently bad. However, by charting our menstrual cycle and becoming aware of it's monthly ebb and flow, we can find our way to becoming friends with it. Many charters even start to grow a deep appreciation for their menstrual cycle! Charting our monthly rhythm can become something that enriches our lives and deepen our relationships to ourselves. We can learn to turn our cyclic movement into something that makes us feel more fulfilled and in tune with ourselves, and by following it's ebb and flow we can gain more energy to direct into our daily lives and into pursuing of our life goals. I call this approach to charting “cyclic living”.
Menstrual cycle charting brings us profound empowerment through giving us back the control over our menstrual cycles and reproductive bodies. Your cycle is a part of you, and I want to support you into getting to know it and appreciate it in a whole new way.


— Roberta, client

"I believe that every woman will be incredibly empowered when she acquires Fertility Awareness. And if this is something you're looking for I highly recommend you to work with Siri. She has been an amazing guide on my journey to getting my feminine power back and to create a beautiful partnership with my body."

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