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"I came to Siri with a desire to optimize my cycle and better understand my hormonal health. I had recently experienced an MA (missed abortion) and wanted to get pregnant again. Learning from Siri was incredibly valuable! I gained lots of valuable insight into fertility health and my own cycle, and good personal guidance from Siri to improve my own cycle health in order to support fertility and safe pregnancy. It has been incredibly educational and exciting! I have gained increased interest and fascination for women's health, and today I am 20 weeks into my pregnacy. I am very grateful that I found Siri, and highly recommend her services."

— Karianne, client



We are only fertile for a few days each menstrual cycle, and to successfully achieve pregnancy we need to time intercourse to these days. Sometimes the hormonal milieu will affect the menstrual cycle so that conception gets extra difficult. Our hormonal function is constantly affected by our environment, lifestyle, general health and biochemical individuality. All these factors will affect how easy it is to achieve a pregnancy.
During our meetings, we will pinpoint the days in your menstrual cycle when you can get pregnant.  We will work to optimize your hormonal and whole body health so that you can achieve a safe and successful pregnancy. You will learn to chart your menstrual cycle using Fertility Awareness. With the menstrual cycle chart as our tool, we will find your individual hormonal pattern and figure out how we can support and help balance it with diet, nutrition and lifestyle. If we discover more complicated reproductive issues, I will help you to create a plan of action, coordinate a team of healthcare providers, and making sure that you always are well informed about all your healthcare options – both conventional and holistic. My aim is to support You on Your road to health in body and mind, and towards the goal of a healthy and successful pregnancy.
Does this sounds like an approach to natural conception that interests you?
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